We thank our partners for their participation in SPIEF-2021

Thank you for the support and participation of our friends and partners:
For the aesthetics and fragrance that takes you on a journey to the heart of the Crimean peninsula:
"Turgenevskaya" Agricultural Company
"Tea Ra"
TM "Fragrant World"
JSC "Krimskaya rosa"
Lavender Family
For delicious and healthy products:
TM "Crimean ecodesert"
TM "Eco-Khleb"
For the taste of "Born under the sun":
"House of the Zakharyins"
"Koktebel" Vintage Wine Factory

For exclusive products:
Association "Chamber of Folk Arts and Crafts of the Crimea";
Sole proprietor "Grigoryan"
We also thank our partner PBK "Krym", which supports the water balance of the guests of the Crimean stand throughout the forum.
In addition, we thank all correspondents, cameramen, photographers, editors, press secretaries and other employees of the federal and regional mass media for their information coverage during these 4 busy days, as well as during the preparation and summing up of the results.