Made in Crimea

Crimea is a rich territory with developed agro-industrial sector. Its natural and climatic conditions, picturesque meadows with useful herbs contribute to the annual growth of dairy production. New farms, factories and quality brands are emerging, which can be proudly described as "Made in Crimea".

Choosing quality

"YUG MOLOKO" LLC is a modern vertically integrated enterprise, using high-quality raw materials and innovative technological solutions for the production of dairy products.
Today, the production is represented by three well-known brands in the Republic: "Valley of Legends", "Pervomayskoe moloko" and "Razdolnoye milk Factory.

The team employs more than 150 people who accompany milk and dairy products at all stages of production: drivers for the delivery of raw materials, laboratory assistants, pasteurization apparatchiks, technologists, operators of filling lines, cottage cheese manufacturers, butter makers, movers, stackers of dairy products, storekeepers.Technical service ensures timely maintenance of all equipment. Masters and microbiologists control all production processes.

All according to GOST 

The company considers its mission to regularly provide Crimeans with high quality, healthy and delicious products. For the production of high quality products, Italian automated equipment is used, which controls the parameters of the processes of pasteurization, cooling and subsequent washing of filling lines, pipelines and tanks.

— Our products are prepared at gentle temperatures with maximum preservation of vitamins.
Milk is a grateful product — it is unique, because it was given to us by nature, my task is to preserve it and color it with a palette of flavors. And at the same time get a delicious, healthy, and right product. Creating new dairy masterpieces, putting our heart into the work, we achieve gratitude from our consumers, - shares the secrets of production Сhief technologist of the company Larisa Shapovalova.

All dairy products are made according to GOST, and their undoubted quality is confirmed by gold medals at the All-Russian exhibitions "ProdExpo"and" Golden Autumn".

"YUG MOLOKO" always listens to the wishes of customers and puts several new products on the shelf every year. Last year, they released fermented baked milk and yoghurts for children.This year we released a useful line of Bifilife and a series of author's cheeses. It is also planned to please the residents of the Peninsula by expanding the range of bifidoyogurts and launch the products of the dessert group.