Investor's Hour: Direct dialogue with business

"The Crimean Development Corporation aims to fulfill the President's instructions – to attract RUB 800 billion to the republic, and this implies the creation of comfortable conditions for investors," said Daniil Pidaev, Director General of the Crimea Development Corporation, during the Investor’s Hour. Nine investment projects were considered, including the organization of fishing in the Crimea, strengthening the recreational potential of the republic, the development of industry and others. The meeting participants discussed the main problems faced by investors in the implementation of projects, the conditions for obtaining state support measures that business can count on under sanctions, the process of obtaining the status of a resident of a Free Economic Zone.
"The uniqueness of our region is that the whole of Crimea is a Free Economic Zone, which has its own benefits and preferences. Today, residents of the FEZ are more than 1,270 enterprises with a declared investment volume of RUB 150 billion. Managers of the Crimean Development Corporation are ready to advise the investor on obtaining benefits suitable for him and provide assistance at every stage of the project implementation," said Daniil Pidaev.
One of the investors implementing projects in the construction of theme parks in the Crimea asked for help to connect his sites to the electricity, gas and water supply networks more quickly. Daniil Pidaev noted that the Corporation will assist in solving this problem. "We accompany an investor at all stages, help solve all issues from "A" to "Z", including overcoming bureaucratic procedures," he recalled. The words of the Director General of the Corporation were confirmed by an investor engaged in the construction of an industrial complex in the Crimea. "We receive prompt answers to all questions from the Corporation's manager. Now is the reporting period, and we are in touch almost every day, we are very satisfied with the work of the employees accompanying our projects," the investor noted.