In Belogorsky district, «Menhir» LLC invests in modernization of outdated production complex of the «State Farm-plant «Predgoriye»

 Specialists of Crimea Development Corporation visited the investment site as part of an on-site inspection. Thus, the investor purchased new equipment and performs agricultural work. In the spring of this year, 8 hectares of apple orchard and 2 hectares of plum were laid. In parallel with the 10-acre garden planted 100 thousand seedlings in the new plantation, in autumn, the company plans to establish 40 hectares of garden.

In addition, it will be planned to grow essential oil crops, create a nursery for berry crops, as well as dairy farming with cheese production and irrigation vegetable growing.

The idea of the investment project is to obtain products with minimal use of chemical treatment, or  if it is possible without them.

The total investment is about 270 million rubles in the project, and 75 million rubles have already been invested. After reaching the planned production capacity, 111 jobs will be created here.