A modern recreation center will be created near the imperial resort "Moynaki" in Crimea

A modern resort and recreation complex with outpatient clinics, kindergartens, a school and a landscaped embankment will be built in less than eight years in Yevpatoria. On November 12, the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov signed an agreement on the comprehensive development of the territory of Lake Moynaki, famous for its mud treatment traditions, with representatives of the "Slavyansky Dom" and "Simferopol Development Company" companies.

"A good project for the Republic of Crimea. More than 400 thousand square meters of apartments, hotels and housing will be built in Crimea. In my opinion, it’s a wonderful project.
Investors will build two kindergartens that can accommodate up to 400 children, a school and jointly build an embankment near Lake Moynaki. All this without budget funds. The investment volume is RUB 35 billion," the Head of the Republic said.

In addition, as part of the instruction of the President of Russia, the Moynaki mud clinic will also be restored. "It will be a children's rehabilitation center, such as "Artek", only in the field of healthcare.
The President's instructions are there, everything will work," S. Aksyonov stressed.

In turn, Sergey Leskin, the commercial director of the "Slavyansky Dom" LLC, said that investors had prioritized the restoration and development of sanatorium treatment at Lake Moynaki.
A large recreational and housing complex will be created with the restoration of the traditions of the imperial mud baths. Eduard Grivkovsky, General Director of the "Simferopol Development Company" LLC, noted that the recreational potential of Lake Moynaki has been underestimated so far.

"We want to equip the area around the lake with housing, outpatient clinics, schools, kindergartens, shopping and entertainment centers so that people in need can come here, live, take rehabilitation courses," he said. E. Grivkovsky clarified that the project implementation period is about eight years.

Investors intend to start construction in the autumn of 2022.

As part of the implementation of investment projects, it is planned to build modern tourist and housing and recreation complexes, preschool institutions, transformer substation, playgrounds and sports grounds, arrangement of green areas and the embankment "Golden Ring of Health" around Lake Moynaki.

The total social obligations of investors amount to more than RUB 1 billion.
Each of the investors will transfer at least 5% of the area of apartments for citizens in need of better housing conditions and at least 10% of the area of apartments for citizens who are participants in public housing programs implemented on the territory of the republic to the ownership of the region.

The infrastructure will be adapted to the needs of citizens with disabilities, including those traveling in wheelchairs.

The Crimea Development Corporation supports the investment project.

The healing properties of the mud of Lake Moynaki have been known since ancient times, but its active development as a medical resort began in 1887. By the highest decree of Emperor Nicholas II of February 3, 1897, the lake was recognized as having public significance.

In 1913, the hospital was awarded a Large silver Medal of the All-Russian Hygienic Exhibition.
The hospital ceased its work in 2007.

Photo: "Krym 24" TV channel