Daniil Pidaev: The Crimea Development Corporation is opened to work with investors

The Crimea Development Corporation is opened to work with investors and helps in the implementation of investment projects on the territory of the republic. Director General of the Crimea Development Corporation, Daniil Pidaev reported about that on the air of the "Krym-24", in the program "Glavnoe".

"The Corporation's specialists provide support to investors at all stages, helping to overcome barriers that may appear on the way to the implementation of an investment project. These are land issues, engineering infrastructure, construction, etc. Qualified specialists of the Corporation solve all these and other issues. We are prepared to assist investors at all completely stages, " said Daniil Pidaev.

He reported that investors , including those  who have an idea of the investment  project, land plot, or any other real estate object but they have not resources, they apply to the Corporation.

"We help in finding of co-investors, developing investment offers for potential investors, developing business cases which are posted on our website and the Investment portal of the Republic of Crimea. Anyone who consider becoming an investor in the Republic of Crimea can turn to these resources in order to study these proposals," the Director General noted.
The main task

The basic and principal task for the Crimea Development Corporation, according to Daniil Pidaev, is to attract 800 billion RUB of investment in the economy of the region. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has raised this task for the authorities of the region.
"As for the plans, they are quite large-scale.

It is probably too early to talk about all the plans and activities that the Corporation plans to implement, but there is an instruction from Russian President Vladimir Putin to attract 1 trillion investment in the economy of Crimea (RUB 800 billion for the Republic of Crimea, RUB 200 billion for Sevastopol).

We plan to work on this in the near future, to devote the main amount of time to this," he said.
According to the head of the Corporation, the investment potential of the republic is high, investors have an interest.

"Today, the investment attractiveness of the republic is growing every year. In the period from 2019, in which the volume of investment amounted to slightly less than 4 billion, today the Corporation accompanies 225 investment projects and the declared volume of investment is RUB 223 billion," the Director General said.
The first industrial park

The Northern Crimea and Dzhankoy city should become growth points in the near future for the revival and development of the industrial potential of the republic.
"The first state industrial park on the territory of the Republic of Crimea was created by the Corporation last year. Indeed, the republic plans to shift its investment attractiveness to the northern part of the Crimea. It will be the development of industry, industrial clusters," Daniil Pidaev said.

As for the Dzhankoy Industrial Park, it was created on the basis of a former machine-building factory. This is a functioning engineering infrastructure with large production areas and capacities. "Today, these capacities are able to meet the needs of any investor: electricity, gas, water. Today we are working with potential residents of the industrial park to determine the "anchor" or main resident, which will be located in most of the park's territory. I think that in the near future it will be determined and the first resident status will be assigned by the management company of the industrial park," the Director General noted.