An important project

The creation and further development of the industrial park in Dzhankoy is an important project for the republic. Sergey Aksyonov announced that at the final meeting of the Investment Climate Improvement Council in 2021.

"This is an important project. Dzhankoy is an important transport and transshipment hub. In my opinion, the prospects for development are obvious. The major players have an interest. We are vitally interested in the development of the north of Crimea," Sergey Aksyonov said.
According to Daniil Pidaev, Deputy General Director – Director of the Department of Production and Infrastructure Support of the Development Corporation, the first state industrial park was created on the basis of the Dzhankoy Machine Building Plant. As of today, full work has been carried out to restore the engineering infrastructure. "We are ready to fully meet the needs of the investor today," Daniil Pidaev said.

He noted that negotiations were held with potential residents, as a result of which agreements on the implementation of projects and business activities will be signed by July 1, 2022.
"We expect that by July 1, the process for the Dzhankoy Machine Building Plant should at least start and be in dynamics, gaining momentum," the Head of the Republic stressed.
For reference: the territory of the Dzhankoy Machine Building Plant for the creation of the first state industrial park in the republic was not chosen by chance.

This enterprise has more than a century-old history, has an extensive network of buildings, structures, squares where production of any complexity can be placed.

The total area is about 26 hectares. The territory is located in an industrial zone, with existing access roads, including railway, industrial, warehouse and administrative premises.