Crimea is a territory of development. Kirovsky district

Kirovsky district is located in the Eastern part of the Crimean Peninsula and borders Leninsky district to the East, Feodosia city district to the Southeast, Sudak city district to the South, and Belogorsky and Sovetsky districts to the West.

•Area -1208.2 sq. km
•Distance from the capital of the Republic of Crimea, Simferopol - 100 km
•Population - 51.6 thousand people

Agricultural industry.
The region has favorable conditions for gardening and growing grapes.
•JSC " Starokrymsky",
•"Magarach-Invest" LLC,
•"Component-Kafa» LLC,
•"Starokrymsky" LLC,
• "Fruits of Stary Krym» LLC,
•"Agro 2000" LLC,
•"IPAZ-Krym" LLC,
•"New Krym" LLC.

Animal husbandry: SEC "ARIES-2015" (sheep industry).

Cereals and legumes:
• "Starokrymsky" LLC,
•SEC "Prisivashye»,
 •JLLC "Agro-2000",
 •"Agro-industrial complex "Mother of Crimea" LLC.

Tourist attraction of the region:
More than 50 historical, cultural and architectural monuments, including:
•"Surb Khach" monastery complex,
•Caravan-saray - shopping center of the city,
• Khan Uzbek mosque,
•Baybars mosque,
•Catherine mile,
•Klementyev mountain (Uzun-Syrt) "Koktebel gliding center".
On the territory of Kirovsky district in the city of Stary Krym are located: memorial House Museum of A. S. Grin, literary and art museum, house-museum of K. Paustovsky.

•The length of regional roads is 48 km.
•The length of inter-municipal roads is 209.3 km.
•The length of local public roads is 453.9 km.
•There are no tram tracks.
 •Railway connection - the territory is crossed by a railway line (Dzhankoy-Kerch branch with a branch to Feodosia (Vladislavovka station).
•The length is 37.5 km.

The municipality has an investment potential and offers a number of sites for the implementation of your project, more information on and Crimea Development Corporation specialists.