Franchising is a popular and hot topic in the Crimean business

An exhibition of franchises and a business conference "Franch-City" is being held in Sevastopol.
Within the framework of the event, top businessmen share their experience, tell the conference participants about the subtleties of doing business in a franchise.

The exhibition is attended by Russian franchises, b2b segment companies, banks, funds and real estate agencies.

Franchising is a profitable direction for all its participants. Launching a franchise allows you to scale the project, increase the company's awareness and of course − profit. For franchisees, this is an accurate business model, where the mechanisms are debugged and the expected profit is clear.

In the Crimea, such a business model as franchising is becoming more and more popular and in demand. Crimeans want to see the same goods and services that are available in mainland Russia and are ready to buy them. Food franchises, franchises in the field of public catering, clothing, footwear, equipment and construction materials stores, medical and other services are popular among entrepreneurs of the peninsula today.

"Today, a convenient and affordable infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized businesses has been created in the republic, which helps entrepreneurs to develop their own business, " said Dmitry Vorona,  Chief Executive Officer
of the Crimea Development Corporation.

The Corporation's specialists also take part in the exhibition, advise participants on business support measures, opportunities for implementing investment projects in the region.