Irina Kiviko: An investor in Alushta shows high rates of revival of the traditions of the ether-oil industry

This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea – Minister of Finance of the Republic of Crimea Irina Kiviko. "The investor takes care and stands for the restoration of the former glory of the ether-oil industry in Alushta region and products that were known and popular all over the world," Irina Kiviko said. According to her, over RUB 175 million have been invested in a little over a year, previously abandoned and overgrown with shrubs and trees in high-altitude areas for planting roses and lavender are being put in order. Heavy machinery and specialists work here, who free the fields from stones and vegetation. They are preparing the ground for planting new plantations of valuable crops this year. The plant for processing roses and lavender is also undergoing modernization at the enterprise. "The company is on the right track, is engaged not only in the development of production, but also conquers new markets, including abroad," Irina Kiviko said. Now there are 350 types of products in the assortment: oil, soap, lipsticks, scrubs, creams, dry perfumes, herbal preparations, syrups, jam, scented decorative candles. Among the novelties: sets of cosmetic soap for men and women, sauna oil, as well as black cumin oil, which is very popular abroad. It is useful for the prevention of a number of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, removes toxins from the body. The production of oil from a peach pit is being tested, and a number of other innovations are planned to be introduced.
For reference: JSC "Alushta Ether-oil State Farm-plant" in December 2020 signed an agreement with the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea on the implementation of an investment project for the revival and development of ether-oil production. The estimated volume of investment will be about RUB 460 million. The project is supported by the Crimea Development Corporation. This year, as part of the project, agricultural machinery, attachments, vehicles were purchased, and a plant for processing essential oil raw materials was reconstructed. The total area that is under cultivation is 460 hectares, of which 300 hectares are under lavender and 150 hectares are under rose.
Press Service of the Crimea Development Corporation