Crimea is a territory of development. Dzhankoy district

Dzhankoy district is located in the Northeastern steppe part of the Crimean peninsula. In the North and Northeast, the district is washed by the waters of lake Sivash. It borders with Nizhnegorsky district, in the Southeast and partially, in the South, Krasnogvardeysky district in the South, and Pervomaysky, Krasnoperekopsky districts, in the West.

•The area is 2667 sq. km;
•Distance from the capital of the Republic of Crimea is 98 km;
•Population is 65 thousand people

The composition of the municipal formation consists of 2 towns, 111 villages, which are combined into 28 rural settlements.

Industry specialization of the region is agriculture.


•Druzhba Narodov Nova» JSC − poultry production;
•«Yuzhnaya» LLC – growing of cereals and technical crops;
• «Boris-Agro» LLC – growing of cereals and technical crops;
•Peasant farm economy «Mahotka» −growing of peaches, table grape varieties;
•«Azovchane» LLC − production of meat and sausage products, bakery products, frozen meat semi-finished products.


There are 57 cultural heritage sites on the territory of Dzhankoy district, including 53 historical monuments (memorials, mass graves) dedicated to the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
The district has registered archaeological monuments: 108 barrows of the Bronze age, Scythian period and the Middle ages.There is a local history museum. There are expositions of archeology and ethnography of Tsarist Times, war years, military operations and the Soviet Union.


•The length of roads of regional significance (km) − 114,25;
•The Length of inter-municipal roads (km) – 463,5;
•The Length of municipal highways  (km) – 622,3;

Railway connection:
 There are two railway lines: Salt Lake – Dzhankoy – Simferopol – Sevastopol,
Dzhankoy – Feodosia − Kerch.

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