Territory of development. Chernomorsky region

Chernomorsky region is the Western coast of the Crimean Peninsula.
Region is bordered to the East by Razdolnensky region, to the South and Southeast by Saki region, and to the West and North by the Black sea.

·Area – 1509 km2
·Distance from the capital of the Republic of Crimea, Simferopol – 140 km
·Population – 30.5 thousand people
·Administrative center is the village of Chernomorskoe

Health resort industry:
31 institutions represent the health resort complex of the region:
6 boarding houses, 1 children's health camp, 2 recreation centers, 4 hotels, 18 guest houses.

The largest enterprises of the health-resort complex:
·«Sunny valley» LLC family-type boarding house for parents with children;
·«Dinamiks» family-type boarding house for parents with children;
·«Druzhba» recreation center;
·«Briz» guest house;
·«New ocean» eco-boarding house.  

Agricultural industry:
The leading industry in the economic structure of the region is agriculture. Priority areas in the development of crop production in the region are: growing grain, technical and oilseeds, developing viticulture, fruit growing; in animal husbandry: sheep and pig farming.

The largest agricultural enterprises in the region:
·«Bilaus Agro» LLC;
·«Tarkhankut Agro» LLC;
·«Dalny» LLC;
·«Kolos» LLC;
·«Nachalo» LLC.

Currently, the cultivation of fruit trees (apricots, peaches, apples, etc.) are engaged in the farm «Vasyukov» LLC and «Healing source».

Agricultural farming «Pribrezhnoe» LLC producer of vines. Peasant Farm Economy V. Maloumerov is engaged in the cultivation of vines and the strawberries. There are three aqua farms in the region, which is an impetus to the economic development of the region and the creation of new jobs.

Sightseeings of Chernomorsky region:  
· Local archaeological monument – the ancient Greek-Scythian settlement of Kalos Limen;
·Ancient settlement of Belyaus;
·Natural limit reserve «Big Castel Ravine».

·Length regional significance roads − 80,1 km;
·Length of municipal highways – 301.3 km.

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