Crimea is a territory of development. Saki district

Saki district of the Republic of Crimea is located in the steppe zone on the Western coast of the Peninsula. The area is famous for a large number of salt lakes rich in therapeutic mud.
The entire territory of the district is occupied by steppes washed from the West by the waters of the Black sea.

It borders with Razdolnenskiy and Chernomorskiy districts, in the North. In the South, it borders with Simferopol district. In the East, it borders with Krasnoperekopsk and in the Northeast with Pervomaiskiy district. 

•The area is 2257 square km.
•Population is 77 thousand people.
•Distance from Simferopol is 46 km.
•Administrative center is Saki city.

The municipality consists of the village of Novofedorovka and 78 villages.
The main specialization of the region is agriculture, health-resort complex and industry.
Agricultural industry:

Saki district is one of the largest producers of agricultural products: cereals, vegetables, grapes, fruits, meat, milk, eggs.

The main directions in crop production are the production of grain (wheat and barley), oilseeds (sunflower, flax and mustard).
In animal husbandry: meat and dairy cattle, pig, sheep, poultry.
11 producers are engaged in growing fruits and grapes in the district, 7 of them are large.

26 companies engaged in the production of shell rock.

Health-resort sphere:
There are 28 health-resorts.
Major recreational facilities, 
recreation departments: «Frunzenets», «Parus», «Volna».

«Medusa» water park is the largest on the Peninsula.
In Saki district, there are 65 objects of cultural heritage associated with World War II. Architectural monument – The house of the landowner named after F. M. Shlee, in the village of Chebotarka.

•The length of roads of regional significance is 97,4 (km);
•The length of inter-municipal roads is 388.0 (km);
•The length of municipal highways is 739.4 (km);
•Regional length is 28.3 km. (Slavyanskaya-Evpatoria);

Railway connection:
A single-electrified railway line passes through Ostryakovo-Evpatoria.

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