Daniil Pidaev has been appointed as Director General of the Crimea Development Corporation

Deputy Director General of the "Crimea Development Corporation", Daniil Pidaev, has been appointed as Director General of the Crimea Development Corporation
Prime Minister of the Council of Ministers – Minister of Finance of the Republic of Crimea Irina Kiviko represented the new head to the team of the Corporation.

Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea, Dmitry Sheryako, also took part in representation. Dmitrii Vorona headed the "Crimea Development Corporation" from October 2020. Considerable increase of attracted investment became on his watch direct participation in the republic. 

48 agreements were concluded in 2021, the total volume of which is 115 billion RUB. For the first time ever, this amount was 10 times more than the amount of the income part of the budget of the Republic of Crimea.

For reference:

Daniil Pidaev was born in 1991, in Simferopol, has degreed with specialization in Finance and Credit. He graduated European University in Kiev. He retrained on
academic programme of the "Modern Approaches to the Management of the region" of  the "Crimean Federal University" named after V.I. Vernadsky,  and also on the programme of the "State and Municipal Management" of the "Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration" (RANEPA).

He employed in various positions, in the Financial Supervision Service of the Republic of Crimea, in  the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of the Republic of Crimea, since March 2021, as  Deputy Director General of the JSC "Crimea Development Corporation".

Daniil Pidaev is actively involved in attracting investment in Crimea, developing of investment projects and monitoring progress in their implementation.

He participated in the preparation and realization of investment projects:

— Оn the construction of the thematic amusement park Yalta-park with an area of 56 ha and resort-hotel complex on the South Coast of Crimea, which will also attract up to 1 million tourists per year to the peninsula. The agreement has been signed during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2021.

The investment volume in the project will amount about 16 billion RUB.

—On the restoration of the imperial resort near lake "Moynaki" in Yevpatoria, which provides the construction of tourist and housing, recreational complexes with an extensive infrastructure and a well-equipped embankment. The total amount of investment is a record and will amount to about 35 billion RUB of which capital investment more than 27.6 billion RUB. It will be a comprehensive solution of the task for the restoration of traditions of the imperial institution for mud cures in Yevpatoria.

— On the construction of the large wholesale distribution center near Simferopol with the amount of investment of 6.5 billion RUB. The aim of the project is the price stabilization for foodstuffs in the republic. The creation a wholesale distribution center is carried out on behalf of the President, with the aim of market regulation of foodstuffs on the territory of the Republic of Crimea. The large wholesale distribution center will be located on the area of 25 ha. Maximum turnover of goods is about of 75 thousand cub. m/day.

For the first time, the state industrial park has been established on the initiative of Daniil Pidaev in 2021. It will operate on the area of the "Dzhankoy Machine Building Factory".  The total area is 26 ha. It is planned, that the agreements with the first residents of the "Dzhankoy" industrial park will be signed in the first half of 2022.

About the "Crimea Development Corporation"

The JSC "Crimea Development Corporation" was established on the initiative of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea in 2015. The corporation is defined as a specialized organization for attracting investment and working with investors on the principle of "One spot shop" concept. The Corporation is engaged in the search for investors and promotion of the investment potential of the republic, comprehensive support of investors, selection of investment sites, and provision of consulting services.

The "Crimea Development Corporation" supports 225 investment projects. A total volume of planned investment is 225,30 billion RUB. In the framework of investment project implementation is planned the creation of 11,19 thousand permanent jobs.

In 2021, the total amount of attracted investment in the republic amounted 115 billion RUB. In the framework of the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea № 368 "On the procedure for considering investor appeals and concluding agreements on the implementation of investment projects in the territory of the Republic of Crimea" in 2021, 48 agreements were concluded with a total investment of 75.29 billion RUB.

In the framework of these projects 1,52 thousand permanent jobs are planned to create. Actual volume of investment made is more 13,80 billion RUB. In 2019, 22 investment agreements have been signed, the total declared investment amounted 3,98 billion RUB, 33 investment agreements, the total volume of investment is 8,4 billion RUB.