Large-scale investment projects and profitable contracts: Results of the second day of SPIEF

The second day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum has ended. Several investment agreements were signed on the sidelines of the forum, which will be implemented in the tourism and construction sectors.

The Head of the Crimea Sergey Aksyonov signed two memoranda of intent with investors who will invest billions in the resort sector of the peninsula.The signing took place in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the videoconference mode.

Vladimir Putin noted that the successful development of the regions and Russia as a whole largely depends on modern transport infrastructure.

"We are actively developing the infrastructure of tourism and recreation in Russia, including in such an exceptionally popular region for our citizens as Crimea. A number of agreements on the implementation of projects on the Crimean Peninsula are being signed on the sidelines of the forum," said Vladimir Putin.

In Saki, a project of a resort complex will be implemented, and in Yalta region, an analog of "Sochi-Park" will be built.

"A project will be implemented to build a resort complex in Saki: hotel rooms, leisure facilities.
About 1.500 jobs. 14 billion are invested in Saki region. Moreover, the same "Sochi-Park" will be built in Yalta region. The site has already been identified, and preparatory work is underway.
About RUB 16 billion will be invested, and 1.200 jobs will be created for the project. The total time for the project implementation is from 3 to 5 years. For the Crimea, these are systemic players that are known in the all-Russian market," said the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov.

In addition, a tourist cluster will appear in Chernomorsky region, which will include seven investment projects at once. The total amount of capital investment: RUB 4.3 billion, the total cost of the project will be more than 5 billion with the prospect of an increase.
The total number of jobs is 105. Minister of Economic Development Dmitry Sheryako signed the investment agreement.

Investor will build a housing complex with a planned investment of about RUB 5 billion in Partenit.
According to Dmitry Vorona,  Chief Executive Officer signed the agreement with the investor, design work on the site is already underway. The residential complex will include 11 16-storey buildings, parking, and landscaping facilities.

Entrepreneurs from India are not afraid of Western sanctions either. On the sidelines of the forum, an agreement was signed between the Crimean Soda Plant and businessmen from India on the supply of equipment for RUB 1.5 billion. The Indian entrepreneur named the plant as his key customer.

The eventful business program of the forum will continue tomorrow, June 4th.
 A number of investment agreements, memoranda on interregional cooperation
are being expected to sign, as well as a plenary session with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation.