Crimea is a territory of development. Yalta

Yalta city district is located on the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula. The region combines settlements of southern coast of Crimea from Foros in the West to Gurzuf in the East. It is bordered to the West by the city of federal importance Sevastopol, to the Northwest by Bakhchisaray municipal district, to the East by the urban district Alusta. The southern part is washed by the Black Sea. Urban district area - 283 sq. km. Distance from the capital of the Republic of Crimea is 89 km. Population 139,2 thousand people. Yalta municipality consists of Yalta, Alupka and 30 settlements.

Resort and tourism:
The largest enterprises in the sanatorium and resort sector:
Health-resort institutions
•SUE RC "Sanatorium "Mishor"
•JSC "Sanatorium "Ai-Petri"
•"Sanatorium Kirova" LLC
•"Sanatorium-Spa Health Resort Complex "Ai-Danil";
•"Sanatorium "Dul'ber"
•FSBI "Sanatorium "Kurpaty" administration of affairs of the President of the Russian Federation.
Children’s medical and health institutions:
•FSBI "CRC "Artek"
•SBI RC "Sanatorium "Pioner";
•SBI RC "Sanatorium "Unost'"
•Accommodation establishments:
•PJSC "Yalta-Intourist hotel complex";
•"Park-hotel "Marat" LLC;
•"Palmira-Palace» LLC;
•"Ecological and tourist center in Parkovoye» LLC;
•"Oreanda" Hotel complex LLC.

The largest enterprises:
•FSUE "PJSC "Massandra"
•Yalta bakery branch of SUE RC "Krymkhleb»
•"Alupka Palace and Park Museum-Reserve "(Vorontsov Palace, Massandra Palace of Alexander III);
•Livadia Palace-Museum;
•A. S. Pushkin Museum in Gurzuf;
•House-Museum of A. P. Chekhov in Yalta (White cottage);
•Department "Chekhov and Crimea" in the country "Omur"
•"A. P. Chekhov's dacha in Gurzuf";
•House-Museum of Natan Rakhlin in Miskhor;
•Yalta historical and literary Museum;
•"Polyana skazok";
•Literary and memorial house-Museum of N. Z. Biryukov (branch of Yalta historical and literary Museum).

Objects of the excursion display
•Tasting complexes of the state enterprise "Massandra";
•Family recreation center "Little farm";
•Zoo "Skazka";
•Sea animals’ theatre "Akvatoriya",
•Exhibition "Bringing down the House»,
•Turtle farm with unique, rare species of turtles and crocodiles;
•Yalta crocodilarium;
•Historical and cultural heritage monuments;
•Complex of the former house of composer A. A. Spendiarov;
•House where Ukrainian poet L. Ukrainka lived;
•Theater named after A. P. Chekhov;
•House where N. Z. Biryukov lived and worked;
•Armenian Church;
•Alexander Nevsky Cathedral;
•St. John Chrysostom Church;
•Polikurov memorial;
•Building of Ai-Todor lighthouse and remains of the Roman fortress of Haraks;
•Palace "Swallow's nest";
•Complex of buildings of Prince Golitsyn Palace;
•Palace complex "Dulber";
•Yusupov Palace and Park estate complex;
•Memorial on the hill of Glory;
•House where A. S. Pushkin lived; Church buildings, etc.

Yalta is one of the four seaports in the Crimea – a branch of the unitary enterprise "KMP" "Yalta port". The port transports passengers between localities on the southern coast of Crimea and it has the ability to serve foreign cruise liners.
The length of roads of regional significance – 103 km;
•Length of municipal highways – 261.74 km;
•Length of territorial roads – 53.2 km;
•Length of national roads − 3.1 km;
•Length of international roads − 16 km;
•Length of district roads − 52.3 km;

The municipality has investment potential and offers a number of sites for implementing your project. More information on and CDC specialists’.