The investor collected more than 7 thousand tons of grain, legumes, oilseeds in Leninsky district

The investor of "Antonenko" Farm" LLC grows cereals, legumes, oilseeds and essential oil crops, in Leninsky district. In favorable years, farmers plant sunflower seeds.

It all started with a small plot of 35 ha, which was purchased by a family of farmers in 1993, in Leninsky district. After a few years, it was possible to expand the area, and at the same time diversify the grown products. Today it is a full-fledged enterprise that brings profit to the owner, and the consumer receives a high-quality product grown in sunny Crimea.

"This year we managed to harvest 3.8 thousand tons of winter barley, 363 tons of spring barley, and 268 tons of peas. In addition, wheat harvesting is being completed. 2.6 thousand tons have already been collected, another 950 ha are planned," said Inna Stoyanova, Director of "Antonenko" Farm" LLC.

Farmers also grow oilseeds - flax. Despite the fact that the harvesting of crops in the Crimea is in an active stage, the investor notes that the flax in his fields has not yet matured.

Now the grown products are shipped to the mainland at the enterprise. Basically, the buyers of crops are Russian companies, most of them are from Krasnodar Territory and Rostov region. ⠀

The planned volume of investment in the project is RUB 74 million.