A strong business: who grows walnut in the Crimea

It is well known that walnut is one of the best food to support the brain and heart. It is also a successful investment for businessmen. An unpretentious crop can yield a crop, and at the same time, the first profit in three and a half years. Today, the bulk of walnuts are grown in other countries, while in our country it is not enough for all needs. After all, raw materials are used not only in the food industry, but also in pharmacology, medicine, and cosmetology.

In the Peasant Farm Economy − Ludchenko in Belogorsky region on an area of 96.2 hectares laid a walnut garden. The seedlings have taken root and in a year and a half the investor expects to get the first harvest of useful fruits. The project is accompanied by Crimea Development Corporation under the leadership of the Ministry of Economic development of the Republic of Crimea and the Ministry of Agriculture. 

"In 2018, we planted seven thousand walnut trees. Currently we have three Moldovan varieties: Codrine, Kostuzhansky, Kogelnichanu. The seedlings are two-year-old and in a year and a half we plan to see the first harvest. Now the summer season has passed, preparations are underway for the winter season − agricultural work is underway, disking and cultivating the soil", said Roman Rubtsov, Executive Director of the company.

In the future, entrepreneur plans to supply walnut to the mainland, in particular to confectionery enterprises.

"I visited several confectionery companies and enlisted their support. The number of nuts that we have laid they will take. Delivering goods to confectioners is quite a good benefit if you focus on large cities in the regions, not counting the capital. Half a kilogram of peeled nuts costs around 300 rubles, a kilogram - 600 rubles," said Roman Rubtsov.

Do not forget about the large virtual trading platforms in Russia. For example, many nut-growing enterprises in Krasnodar region are already actively selling products on electronic platforms.

"We see that there is a fairly active electronic commerce, if this helps the work, we will take part. If there are still products, then we will also consider the sale of goods on the electronic platform", said Executive Director.

The company's access to Russian marketplaces will help implement business support institutions in the Crimea.

The planned amount of investment in the project, according to the investor, is almost 35 million rubles, to date, 33.2 million rubles have been invested in the project.