"Investor's Hour" is an important element of monitoring the implementation of investment projects in Crimea

Topical issues related to the implementation of investment projects on the territory of Crimea were raised during the "Investor's Hour", which was held at the Crimea Development Corporation by the Minister of Economic Development Dmitry Sheryako.

Deputy General Directors of the Crimea Development Corporation Daniil Pidaev and Irina Boyko, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic Crimea, project managers of the Corporation and investors also took part in the meeting.

"Control over the execution of investment projects is the focus of attention of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Government of the Republic of Crimea. During the "Investor's Hour" is an important element of bilateral communication between authorities and investors. There is an opportunity to look into each other's eyes, ask questions, promptly help in solving urgent problems," Dmitry Sheryako said.

The Minister and the Corporation's specialists got acquainted with the progress and timing of the implementation of investment projects. Issues related, among other things, to the fulfillment of social obligations assumed by investors were studied. For individual projects, the reasons for delaying the implementation dates were clarified and what assistance should be provided to prevent lagging behind.

Dmitry Sheryako paid special attention to the need for investors to submit statistical reports.
"Investors should submit investment reports regularly. These are important figures reflecting the investment attractiveness of the republic, the receipt of extra-budgetary investment, the creation of new jobs, tax deductions," the minister stressed.

Investors expressed their gratitude to the Corporation's specialists for their assistance in supporting documentation preparation projects, timely qualified consultations, and targeted assistance.
Recall that the "Investor's Hour" is a new format for working on investment projects in the Republic of Crimea, created on the initiative of the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov. Its participants: management and representatives of relevant ministries, Development corporations, municipalities, infrastructure organizations and businesses. The format of the work is designed to strengthen partnership relations between the republic and business.