The participant of the Free Economic Zone is upgrading the sanatorium "Saki"

The project for the development of the sanatorium "Saki" is being implemented in the Crimea within the framework of the Free Economic Zone. The plans for the next three years are to invest more than RUB 30 million in the development of the sanatorium.

"The sanatorium "Saki " became a member of the Free Economic Zone at the end of 2020.
The preferences on taxes and insurance premiums that the state offers to residents of the FEZ are beneficial for us from the point of view of investment in the modernization and development of the enterprise. JSC "Crimea Development Corporation" was engaged in the preparation of the investment declaration and all related documentation for our company. We prepared our documents very quickly and efficiently, at the first attempt, without revision, our documents were accepted by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea, and in March 2021 we received the status of a FEZ participant," said Andrey Larionov, commercial director of "Sanatorium "Saki" LLC.

Since April of this year, the company has started implementing an investment program.
The main task is the medical sector. More than half of all planned investment are accounted for by the purchase of the latest medical equipment, which will significantly expand the range of physiotherapy and therapeutic procedures, improve the quality of service to our customers.
In addition, significant investment, about RUB 10 million, will be spent on the modernization of public catering. A long-standing need of the institution is being implemented – the transition from a custom menu system to a buffet-style meal, for which the equipment for cooking, distribution lines, and menus are significantly updated.

"It is difficult to say when we would have been able to modernize the enterprise at the expense of our own working capital, it would have taken many years.
The result of the development of our sanatorium thanks to participation in the Free Economic Zone is already obvious, " Andrey Larionov concluded.

The remaining part of the funds provided for by the investment program will be invested in the modernization of the technical part: ventilation and air conditioning systems, systems for supplying and diverting the necessary mineral resources to medical buildings for the release of balneotherapy – therapeutic mud, brine.

"The effective work of the sanatorium and resort industry remains one of the priority directions of the development of the Republic of Crimea. It is based on the use of mineral waters, therapeutic mud, beaches, climatic and landscape resources, sea and mountain air.
The material and technical base of the Crimean health resorts needs to be updated and the introduction of modern technologies. The current state support measures attract investors to the sanatorium and resort complex of the Crimea and allow, among other things, to modernize existing accommodation facilities, increasing the capacity and quality of health services," said Dmitriy Vorona, CEO of the Crimea Development Corporation.

The health resort is located on the shore of Lake Saki, four kilometers from Chernomorsky region.
The sanatorium operates all year round and is able to accommodate 434 people at the same time. There is also a general resort balneo-mud clinic, where 1200-1500 procedures are performed daily, and about 100 patients can be served at the same time. The sanatorium treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the endocrine and nervous systems, gynecological and skin diseases. The main method of treatment and improvement of the body in the sanatorium "Saki" is mud treatment. General mud procedures, local mud applications, rectal and vaginal tampons, electric mud procedures, mud applications on the gums are carried out in the balneo-mud treatment center of the health resort. Brine of the salt lake is used for hydrotherapy, on the basis of which rapeseed, iodine-bromine, oxygen, coniferous, pearl and other baths are released, as well as inhalations based on brine, mineral water and decoctions of medicinal herbs.