Daniil Pidaev: The economic situation in Crimea is calm and stable

Director General of the Crimea Development Corporation Daniil Pidaev in an interview with the Crimean news portal RUINFORMER:

To date, the situation in the Republic of Crimea is calm. The economic situation is stable. All state authorities and their subordinate organizations and institutions are operating normally, including the Crimea Development Corporation.

The Development Corporation continues to provide support at all stages in the implementation of investment projects to investors. There is no reason for fears and worries.
He believes that after the introduction of a tough package of international sanctions, major domestic players will consider Crimea as a major investment platform.

For this, for example, there are opportunities in the northern part of the peninsula, where a significant part of the industrial potential of the region has been located since the Soviet Union.

"There are capacities for providing electricity, gas, there will be no shortage of water. There is a powerful railway junction in Dzhankoy, which allows, from a logistical point of view, to ensure a sufficiently large flow of goods and direct it in any direction of our country. So, the Northern Crimea is ready to fully meet the needs of investors," Daniil Pidaev stressed.

The full text of the interview will be released next week.