Irina Kiviko: The Government of Crimea is successfully implementing the tasks of the President of the Russian Federation to stabilize the economy

To solve operational issues, on the initiative of the Head of the Republic Sergey Valeryevich Aksyonov, a regional headquarters was created to increase the stability of the republic's economy in the face of sanctions," Irina Kiviko stressed. At the first of the meetings, the first package of support measures proposed at the republican level to increase the sustainability of the economy of the Republic of Crimea was approved. The possibility of increasing the amount of grants to social entrepreneurs from 500 thousand rubles to 1 million rubles is being considered, as well as the possibility of obtaining a grant to one social entrepreneur both for the implementation of a new project and for the expansion of an existing project. An increase in the share of providing guarantees by regional guarantee organizations from 70 to 100% on obligations in credit institutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the field of import substitution. This is a very important measure, as it will be easier to take money to purchase equipment for import substitution. Funds will be allocated from the budget of the republic for the capitalization of the Microfinance Fund for the provision of preferential microloans, and the restructuring of microloan agreements concluded before March 1, 2022 for a period of six months on the principal debt will also be carried out at the request of borrowers. A moratorium is being introduced on raising rates in a regional leasing company for the accrual and collection of penalties for late payments under leasing agreements, as well as for the withdrawal of the leased item. It is possible to postpone lease payments for land plots until December 31, 2022 for investors when implementing projects in the northern part of the Crimean Peninsula. It is planned to expand the list of system-forming enterprises, to capitalize the Crimean Regional Industrial Development Fund, which will ensure the provision of preferential loans to replenish the working capital of industrial enterprises. Appeals have been prepared to the Government of the Russian Federation to recapitalize the main business support institutions: the Microfinance Entrepreneurship Fund of the Republic of Crimea, the Regional Leasing Company, the Crimean Guarantee Fund, as well as to increase the terms of issuance of microloans by state microfinance funds from 24 to 60 months. Based on the current situation, the regional Plan will be reviewed and additions will be made to it. In Crimea, for anti-crisis support of small and medium-sized businesses, you can contact by phone: 8 800 500 38 59 or +7 978 989 00 60 , at any time.