Disposition and recycling of car tires: who makes money and saves nature in the Crimea

In Evpatoria, the investor organized a zero waste production. It will permit
not only to make profit to the owner, but also benefits society and the environment.

We are talking about a project initiated by "Sand" LLC.  They are specialized in creating a complex for recycling worn-out car tires.

It is known that the term of complete decomposition of tires is 150 years.
They are easily ignited and emit harmful substances when burning.
Therefore, today tire recycling is in demand.

Specialists of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea visited the site of such production as the part of a field inspection.

The investor received a license to recycle tires, built a hangar, and purchased the necessary equipment.The company recycles old tires. They produce rubber coatings on the basis of the resulting material.For example, such coverings are used on children's and sports grounds.

The amount of investment in the project was 10.1 million rubles.