The creator of Koktebel madeira has turned 88 years old

The factory of fine wines "Koktebel" celebrated the 88th anniversary of the famous European winemaker Felix Periklovich Feodosidi.

"Our Felix Periklovich is one of the oldest winemakers in Russia and one of the most famous in Europe. During his work, he personally created many recipes of elite wines and cognacs, which later became classic, including the legendary madeira, " said Elena Yakubchik, an investor in the project for the development of winemaking on the basis of the Koktebel Wine Production Company.

The investor stressed that the winemaker gave 60 years to the Koktebel plant and still works there, passing on experience to young masters.

All colleagues note the incredible set of qualities that Felix Feodosidi possesses-professionalism, kindness, love of life, purposefulness. We join the congratulations and wish Felix Periklovich health, strength and inexhaustible energy to discover new tastes of our Crimean vine.