An investment project for the construction of a "Smart gas station" has been implemented in Crimea

Dmitry Sheryako, Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea, and Daniil Pidaev, General Director of the Crimea Development Corporation, got acquainted with the work of the implemented investment project. Oleg Karpaev, its founder and director, told about the advantages of the new gas station. "This is the first automated gas station in Crimea. All processes at the "smart gas station" are carried out automatically. This is a project of the future for Crimea," Dmitry Sheryako said. The investment project was supported by the Crimea Development Corporation. The investor has started work on the implementation of the project since 2018. The active phase of construction took place in April-November 2020. AAZS accepted its first clients last year. The volume of capital investment amounted to 17.1 million rubles. "Today we have before us the joint result of the work of the Crimea Development Corporation and the investor — a "smart" refueling of a new generation. Modern technologies that we have seen here will reduce queues and, accordingly, the time to receive the service. You no longer have to stand with cash at the cash register, wait for the operator's service, you can pay for fuel through the terminal. This is especially relevant both in the context of a pandemic and before the start of the holiday season," said Daniil Pidaev. According to Oleg Karpaev, the absolute advantage of the "Smart gas station" is its automation. "The customer has a direct opportunity to perform the refueling process himself and pay without the participation of a tanker, cashier. High quality fuel pumps with a clear and correct filling of petroleum products are installed at the filling station," Oleg Karpaev noted. In the near future, the investor plans to develop his own software for non-cash payment. The advantages, according to the investor, are obvious: for "Smart gas stations" smaller land plots are needed. If about 20-30 acres of land are needed for the construction of habitual stations, then about 8 acres are needed for AAZS.
Press Service of the Crimea Development Corporation