Daniil Pidaev: The first residents can start working in the industrial park in Dzhankoy in the first half of 2022

The first residents in the state industrial park "Dzhankoy" can start production this year.
The Director General of the Crimea Development Corporation Daniil Pidaev reported this.

"We can say that production will already be launched this year. In particular, the possibility of producing polyethylene pipes for water pipelines and gas pipelines is being considered based on the pace of construction of engineering infrastructure throughout the republic," he said.

In addition, the possibility of establishing machine-building production, the creation of a house-building plant for the production of prefabricated structures from SIP-panels and log cabins is being considered. Also, on an area of about 1 hectare, it is planned to equip a maintenance complex for agricultural machinery, including large-sized, with the possibility of on-site repairs, the provision of tire repair services, truck washing, and the purchase of automotive products.

"The areas of a number of workshops allow them to accommodate not just individual productions, but also entire production cycles. Based on this, we are considering who will offer the best conditions for the republic and whom we will be able to support with various development programs. Several applications from potential investors are currently under consideration," Daniil Pidaev stressed.

According to him, a production, scientific and educational complex will be created on the territory of the "Dzhankoy Machine-Building Plant." For example, it is planned to place innovative production, classrooms on the territory of the technopark. In this part, it is planned to cooperate with the Interregional Scientific and Educational Center "MoreAgroBioTech".

For reference:

The territory of the "Dzhankoy Machine-building Plant" for the creation of the first state industrial park was not chosen by chance. This enterprise with more than a century of history, has an extensive network of buildings, structures, areas where production of any complexity can be located. The company produced agricultural machinery products. It has not been working since the mid-2000s. The total area is about 26 hectares. The territory is located in an industrial zone, with existing access roads, including railway ones.