The imperial resort "Moynaki" in Crimea to be restored

By 2024 local investors intend to restore sanatorium-resort traditions near Lake Moynaki in the Crimean resort city of Yevpatoria, which have more than a century of history.

We are talking about the restoration of the "imperial" therapeutic mud baths, which has been idle and abandoned for several decades, and the creation of a world-class rehabilitation centre with a residential area and social facilities.

Dmitriy Vorona announced about that, the CEO of the Crimea Development Corporation, on the air of the "Krym 24" TV channel.

"We will sign an agreement on the restoration and development of the imperial resort "Moynaki" in Yevpatoria, near the therapeutic mud lake in the past. Local investors are ready to invest about RUB 30 billion in this project," Dmitriy Vorona said.

According to him, we are talking about the development of the territory around the lake: the construction of a world-class rehabilitation centre with 300 rooms for adults and 200 rooms for mothers with children, social housing, kindergartens. The infrastructure will be adapted to the needs of citizens with disabilities, including people using wheelchairs.

The regeneration of therapeutic mud in the lake is carried out under a special federal program and should be completed by 2024.


The therapeutic properties of the mud of Lake Moynaki have been known since ancient times, but its active development as a medical resort began in 1887. By the highest decree of Emperor Nicholas II of February 3, 1897, the lake was recognized as having public significance.

In 1913, the hospital was awarded a Big silver Medal of the All-Russian Hygienic Exhibition. The health centre stopped its work in 2007.