One thousand jobs and own products: investment projects of Belogorsk district

According to preliminary data, business projects will give Crimea almost a thousand jobs.

Thus, one of the projects is construction of «Belogorsky» greenhouse complex. Currently, the construction of greenhouses of the 2nd stage is underway. The commissioning of the 1st stage of construction took place in September 2019. At the end of implementation, the greenhouse complex will employ 400 employees.

Today, investing in agriculture is one of the most profitable areas. Measures that are applied to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection do not affect the work of agro-industrial enterprises.

Another striking example in the Belogorsk district is the investment project for the development of an agro-industrial enterprise based on a former state farm plant «Predgoriye». In the spring of this year, the investor laid 8 hectares of apple orchard and 2 hectares of plum. There are apple varieties such as: Golden delicious, Granny Smith, Aydared, plum − Stanley.

The investor plans to grow essential oil crops, create a nursery for berry crops, as well as dairy farming with cheese production and irrigation vegetable growing.

Crimea Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea supports the investment project, the total investment is about 270 million rubles.