General director of Crimea Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea talked about the organization's work in the context of the coronavirus pandemic

Nail Gabbasov, General Director of the organization subordinate to the Ministry of economic development of the Republic of Crimea – «Crimea Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea» JSC, talked about the current situation in the investment policy of the region and what assistance is provided to investors during the pandemic on the «Economy» program on «Crimea 24».

Thus, a year ago, Crimea Development Corporation became a specialized organization for working with investors. To date, «Crimea Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea» specialists support 181 investment projects with a declared investment volume of 127.6 billion rubles. According to these projects, it is planned to create 11 thousand jobs. The most attractive industries for investors are agriculture, trade and services, resorts, tourism and construction.

According to Nail Gabbasov, in the conditions of «High readiness», when all meetings and negotiations have moved to the digital plane, mutual understanding between the organization's specialists, investors, representatives of Executive authorities and other departments has only improved.

In addition, General Director of Crimea Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea, noted that due to the current situation, the procedure for concluding additional agreements has been simplified for investors. We are talking about the right to adjust calendar plans if implementation has been suspended due to the current situation.

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