Dmitry Sheryako checked the implementation of investment projects in Kerch

Minister of Economic development of the Republic of Crimea Dmitry Sheryako together with first Deputy Minister Anushavan Aghajanyan and the staff of Crimea Development Corporation examined investment projects that are being implemented in Kerch.

"Today in Kerch checked the progress of investment projects. We talked with investors and business directors in order to identify problematic issues and provide the necessary assistance. More than a year ago, a plant was built on the basis of a property complex for the production of cement mix, which is now being put into operation. After the investor submits all the documents to the relevant authorities, he will receive all the permits for further implementation of the project. It is planned that about 50 people will be employed at the plant. The company itself plans to produce up to 400 thousand tons of finished material per year, the volume of declared investment in the project is more than 939 million rubles", said Dmitry Sheryako.

In addition, employees of the Ministry of Economic development of the Republic of Crimea and Crimea Development Corporation visited the Black Sea Fishing Company in Kerch. The large-scale project, according to the investor, involves 317 million rubles of investment and the creation of almost 230 jobs.

"Now there is a construction of refrigerators, technological connection to engineering networks is carried out. In the future, the company plans to buy vessels for fishing and, accordingly, further processing", said Dmitry Sheryako.

A port terminal complex for processing petroleum products and gas is also operating and planning to develop on the territory of Kerch. The facility is currently reloading fuel and lubricants. In the future, the plans include transshipment of light fuel materials, gas transshipment and loading of gas into tankers.

Dmitry Sheryako also recalled that today 186 investment projects are being implemented in the Republic of Crimea with a total investment of more than 156 billion rubles.