The XXVII International Conference "East and West Meet in St. Petersburg" will be held in St. Petersburg

On the 25th November, the XXVII International Conference "East and West Meet in St. Petersburg" will be held in St. Petersburg. The theme of the conference: "Global challenges - women's response". The event will be supported by the Government of St. Petersburg, the Women’s Union of Russia and the Russian Peace Foundation.

Objectives of the conference:
Interaction and cooperation of women's organizations in Russia and the world.

Development of a constructive dialogue between the government and civil society.
Fostering a strategy in response to global challenges of the time, exchange of relevant information of women leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, heads of public organizations from the regions of Russia, CIS countries, Baltic countries, Europe and the Nordic countries, the United States of America and Asia.

Enhancement of the role of women in crisis response.

Main topics of discussion:
"Woman and politics. Civil society and the State";
"Strengthening international cooperation to overcome the crisis";
"Woman and the economy. Ways to solve the tasks of restoring";
"Woman and education. The role of women in the upbringing and development of future generations";
"Strategies of well-being and health for long-term crisis recovery";

Venue: 25 November 2021, Nevsky City Hall – Government Building of St. Petersburg, State House "K-2"

26 November 2021, Business Center of “Oktyabrskaya” Hotel, Ligovsky Avenue, 10 (seminars and master classes program)

All events of the conference provide for the possible online participation.

Conference Organizer: St. Petersburg Social and Economic Institute

Tel.: +7 812 7170711, +7 812 5704072
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