Crimea is a territory of development. Leninsky district

Leninsky district is washed by the Azov sea to the North and the Black sea to the South.
The area is bounded in the Northeast of the city of Kerch, in the Southeast with Feodosia. In the Northeast and Southeast through the Kerch Strait, the district borders with Krasnodar territory. In the West, the district shares a border with Kirovsky district, along the Arabatskaya Spit in the Northwest with Genichesky district of Kherson region, Ukraine.

•The Area is 2919 sq. km;
•Population is 58.4 thousand people;
• Distance from Simferopol is 160 km
•Administrative center – urban type settlement Lenino.

The largest enterprises that grow grain and industrial crops:
•«Vostok» LLC;
•«Agricultural enterprise
•«Zolotoy kolos» LLC;
•Limited partnership «TOV «Semisotka and Company»;
•Agricultural production cooperative «Initiative»;
•«Agro-Druzhba & K» LLC;
•«Agro-Opuk» LLC;
•«Farm «Antonenko» LLC.

The largest livestock enterprises:
•Аgricultural production cooperative «Initiative»
•«Gigant» LLC;
•«Agro-Opuk» LLC;
•«Farm «Bormambetov»;
•Peasant farm economy «Halilov».

10 industrial enterprises, the largest of which:
•«Alef-Vinal-Crimea» LLC;
•«Kerch Wind Park» LLC;
•«East Crimean energy company» LLC.

The presence of oil and gas deposits in the region makes Leninsky district attractive for the development of the extractive industry.

Recreation and medical recreation:

The network of health resorts in the district has 32 accommodation facilities, including 3 camps, 10 boarding houses, 13 recreation centers, 5 hotels.

The largest enterprises:
•Boarding house «Crimean Priazovie»;
•OK «Boarding house «Azovsky» LLC;
•DP «Boarding house «Zarya»;
•Recreation center «Riga»;
•«Children's health complex «Novootradnoe-1» LLC;
•Hotel «Paradise Harbor»;
•«Children's institution of improvement and rest «Automobilist»

•1501 mound of the Scythian period;
•14 ancient settlements;
•Ancient human settlements, necropolises and burial grounds;
•3 military memorial cemeteries;
•85 single and mass graves;
•47 memorials to the dead villagers and famous personalities of history;
•Arabat medieval fortress, the ancient settlement of Ilurat and Kimmerik;
•Glasovskoe  military memorial cemetery;
•1528 monuments of archeology,
•105 historical monuments,
•Leninsky museum of history  and Novonikolaevsky ethnographic museum.

•The length of municipal highways is 500.8 km.;
•The length of regional highways is 82.1 km.;
•The length of inter-municipal roads is 423.5 km.;

Railway service − district center − station Seven Wells.

The municipality has an investment potential and offers a number of platforms for implementing your project. More information you can find on and our specialists of Crimea Development Corporation will always glad to help you.