An investor is setting up a car camp, in the village Rybachye

In the village of Rybachye, the investor, Individual entrepreneur T. L. Ivanov
is setting up a section of the embankment with the creation of parking for car camping. The investment project involves the organization of zones for the convenience of using the beach area with all the necessary infrastructure.

The specialists of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea visited the investment site where construction and installation works are taking place.
Now, workers have reconstructed the retaining wall, stairs, and equipped the entrance to the beach.

In addition, the project also includes equipped exits for people with limited mobility.
It is also planned that the parking will be improved not only for motorhomes and trailers, but also for the installation of tents.

Note that for many years this section of the beach is used as a spontaneous camping in the village of Rybachye.

The planned amount of investments in the project will be about 16 million rubles, and 1.3 million rubles have already been invested.