Daniil Pidaev: Crimea is a promising growth point in the face of sanctions

Director General of the Crimea Development Corporation Daniil Pidaev said to the INFORMER news portal: "After the introduction of a tough package of international sanctions, serious domestic players will consider Crimea as a major investment platform. The republic is ready to provide production facilities and territories for the implementation of investment projects."

The corporation is engaged in accompanying the investor at all stages of the project, helps to solve all issues, including overcoming bureaucratic procedures.
According to Daniil Pidaev, investment projects already exist in all basic sectors of the economy, including the agro-industrial complex, sanatorium and tourist sectors, industry, transport, construction. Many projects are aimed at the development of the village.

These are the planting of new orchards and vineyards, the construction of greenhouse complexes, poultry farms, the revival of dairies, the creation of logistics centers. One of the successfully implemented projects is a greenhouse plant in Belogorsky district of Crimea with a total investment of RUB 3.9 billion. The products are in great demand not only among residents of the republic, but also in other regions of the Russian Federation.
"We have ambitious plans in connection with the instruction of Russian President Vladimir Putin to attract additional investment in the economy of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol of at least RUB 1 trillion in the period from 2022 to 2025. Serious investment can be obtained only if attractive business conditions are created on the peninsula.

In addition, it is necessary to prepare platforms for launching projects aimed at solving global problems that will provide the local population with new jobs, to increase the tax base of the Republic of Crimea and to create a positive effect for the socio-economic growth of the Crimean Peninsula," said Daniil Pidaev.

How many investment projects does the Crimea Development Corporation support today? How many jobs will be created and how will the organization's activities affect the development of the Russian peninsula?

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