Irina Kiviko: The Investment Committee considered problematic issues arising from investors

Problematic issues arising from business during the implementation of investment projects in the territory of the Republic of Crimea were considered during a meeting of the regional Investment Committee chaired by Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers – Minister of Finance of the Republic Irina Kiviko.
"The meeting of the Investment Committee is very important. They are held within the framework of the Regional Investment Standard and are designed to improve communication with investors, identify existing problems and ways to solve them, and assist in the successful implementation of investment projects," Irina Kiviko said after the meeting of the Investment Committee.
During the meeting, issues related to the purchase of land plots, access roads, including their repair, as well as the fulfillment of social obligations by investors were considered. In particular, it was decided at one of the next meetings of the Republican Investment Climate Improvement Council to consider an additional agreement on the revision of the deadlines for fulfilling social obligations within the framework of the investment project for the construction of a water sports recreation complex in the eastern part of the peninsula.
"The administration of Feodosia asks the investor to contribute funds, which is more than RUB 26 million, within two, not three years. This petition will be considered and the Feodosians will receive the necessary funds," the Deputy Prime Minister said. Another of the issues discussed concerned problems with the purchase of land. "We are talking about the construction of a multifunctional refueling complex on a federal highway. The investor has not yet started the construction of such a necessary and vital infrastructure," Irina Kiviko said. It was decided within two weeks to determine the date when construction can begin, and then decide on the future of the project. The Ministry of Transport, the Highway Service, the administration of Simferopol and Simferopol district were instructed to speed up the resolution of issues related to the design of access roads and putting them in order for investor enterprises.
The meeting of the Investment Committee was attended by Dmitry Sheryako, Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea, Daniil Pidaev, Director General of the Crimea Development Corporation, heads of administrations of Simferopol and Feodosia, representatives of republican ministries and departments, municipal authorities and investors.

For reference:
Since 2022, the Republic of Crimea has joined the number of 43 pilot subjects of the Russian Federation for the implementation of a Regional Investment Standard. This is a system of support for new investment projects in the regions of the Russian Federation, which includes the creation of an investment declaration of the region, a development agency, investment committees, the creation and launch of an investment map of the subject, the introduction of a set of investment rules. The Republic of Crimea in March 2022, among the first pilot regions, approved the investment declaration of the subject of the Russian Federation.

Press Service of the Crimea Development Corporation