More than 10 thousand tons of tomatoes will be harvested at the "Belogorsky" greenhouse plant this year

In addition, a small number of cucumber bushes of different varieties are grown experimentally.
In production, a closed cycle is used.

For example, drainage is collected and cleaned for reuse. Such technologies help to save resources, including water.
Bumblebee plants are pollinated, which are specially kept in greenhouses.

The agreement on the investment project for the construction of the Belogorsky greenhouse complex was signed in 2017, the project was implemented in early 2020.
The modern greenhouse complex occupies 17.2 ha, the production area is 15.8 ha.

The first harvest after the launch of the project was received in January 2020.

Now, the products are shipped both to the mainland of Russia and sold on the peninsula.
The investment volume in the project amounted to RUB 3.9 billion.