The first state industrial park and the first technological cluster to be created in Crimea

The first industrial and the first technological cluster on the territory of the Republic of Crimea will be created in Dzhankoy on the territory of a machine-building plant. The aim of the project is to develop industry in non-resort districts in the north of the peninsula.

Dmitriy Vorona announced about that, the CEO of the Crimea Development Corporation, on the air of the "Krym 24" TV channel.

"Our task is to return the industrial glory to Dzhankoy region and create an industrial park. It is not easy to do this, there are a number of problems that will be overcome. The industrial park and the technological cluster that we are going to create on the basis of the Dzhankoy machine-building plant will be the first state parks. No one has done this in Crimea yet," the CEO said.

Dmitriy Vorona noted that the issue of documentation will be resolved by the end of this year. Negotiations have already been held with several potential residents who are ready to deploy their production facilities. "This includes potential machine builders. This is a small announcement.

For the first time in the Crimea, the production of transport, certain equipment can be created. We are still in the initial stage of negotiations," Dmitriy Vorona said.