Laying of orchards and development of viticulture: what directions in agriculture are chosen by investors

One of the most promising and profitable industries is agriculture. Favorable natural and climatic conditions have a positive impact on the creation of agro-industrial complexes in various areas, and state support in the form of benefits and subsidies allows both existing enterprises to develop and new ones to appear.

Thus, Crimea Development Corporation accompanies 54 investment projects totaling 25.3 billion rubles. Many investment projects are just entering the stage of practical implementation, but there are also those whose production has already been launched at full capacity.
For example, in Belogorsky district, an investor built a greenhouse complex with a design capacity of 14 thousand tomatoes per year, which the company will reach in 2021. Products are shipped both to the mainland and to the Crimean counters.

Another large-scale project is being implemented in Kirovsky district. On an area of 255 hectares, an investor grows apple orchards. The company built a storage pond, as well as fruit storage facilities. The volume of investment in the project has already exceeded the planned amount of 1.1 billion rubles.Instead of growing orchards and planting crops, investors are interested in developing winemaking and viticulture.

In Feodosia, an investor invested 846.9 million rubles in the restoration of the production complex of the vintage wine factory. Today, the total area of vineyards is 1,150 hectares. The process of expanding and updating production is in an active phase a new blending shop with a capacity of 100 thousand daL has been launched, a new filling line has been purchased, which is planned to be launched in November.

Among the interesting projects implemented, it is also worth noting the creation of a fish farm for growing sturgeon and salmon breeds in Dzhankoy district. The investment volume is 37 million rubles.

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