Investment projects are being implemented: in Crimea, there is an active construction of a meat processing plant

The project is being implemented on building a meat processing plant with a capacity of up to 10 tons per day in Nizhnegorsky district.

This project is supported by Crimea Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea.

According to the investment project, it is planned to start production in 2022, but the investor did not rule out that the plant will open ahead of schedule.

The plant will include full production of ready-made sausage products and their packaging. The products are planned to be sold not only on the Crimean shelves, but also exported to the mainland.

According to the investor, even in such a difficult time, the work on implementing the project does not stand still.

«At the moment, the work is carried out remotely. Schemes are drawn up and pre-project work is carried out», said the investor.

Note that the amount of investment in the project is 60 million rubles and the number of jobs created is 56.

If you want to implement a project, choose an investment platform or get advice, please contact the «Нotline» of Crimea Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea: 8 800 505 38 49