Irina Kiviko: Crimea keeps good prospects for attracting investment

The Republic of Crimea has good prospects for attracting investment. The Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers – Minister of Finance of the Republic of Crimea Irina Kiviko reported about that.

"The prospects for attracting investment are good. Investors are actively investing in the development of housing and recreational construction, agriculture, logistics and other projects," Irina Kiviko said.

She also noted that all investment projects are considered at the meetings of the Republican Investment Climate Improvement Council.  At the first meeting in the new year, in particular, an investment project was approved for the construction of a modern wholesale and retail center for the sale of non-food products and construction materials in the western part of the Crimean peninsula. The total investment volume will be about RUB 50 million. Commercial and warehouse, administrative and technical premises, catering facilities will be built. The total area of the center is about 3 thousand sq.m.

The Deputy Prime Minister recalled that in the republic a specialized organization for attracting investment and working with investors on the principle of "one spot shop" concept is the JSC
"Crimea Development Corporation". It was established on the initiative of the Council of Ministers of Crimea in 2015 and is engaged in the search for investors, promotion of investment potential, comprehensive support of investors, selection of investment sites, provision of consulting services.
The Corporation provides support for 228 investment projects. The planned total investment volume is RUB 226,20 billion. As part of the implementation of the projects, it is planned to create 11.23 thousand permanent jobs.

In 2021, the total amount of investment attracted to the republic amounted to RUB 115 billion. In particular, within the framework of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea No. 368 "On the procedure for considering investor appeals and concluding agreements on the implementation of investment projects in the territory of the Republic of Crimea", 48 agreements with a total investment of RUB 75.29 billion were concluded in 2021.

As part of the implementation of these projects, it is planned to create 1.52 thousand permanent jobs. The actual volume of investment in 2021 is more than RUB 13.80 billion.
In 2019, 22 investment agreements were signed, the total declared volume of investment amounted to RUB 3.98 billion, in 2020 – 33 investment agreements, the total volume of investment amounted to RUB 8.4 billion.