Promising branches for investment: Construction

The Republic of Crimea is developing in all directions and demonstrates its economic and investment potential.

For six years, the region has been undergoing socio-economic development, improving the quality and standard of living of Crimeans. This largely depends on innovation and financial investment, as well as support for business from the authorities.

Today, the Republic offers more than 365 investment platforms.

An investment map of the region has been developed for the convenience of investors; it is containing detailed information about all available investment sites and their characteristics. A large selection of sites is presented in the fields of agriculture, industry and recreation. You can also view the Republic's coin box bank on the region's investment portal.

As for promising sectors for investment, businessmen are interested in developing their business in agriculture, construction, tourism, industry, trade, transport and logistics, as well as energy.

If we take the construction sector, the number of capital and mobile plants for the production of asphalt concrete mixes is rapidly increasing to create roads and infrastructure.

In the construction sector, Crimea Development Corporation supports 25 investment projects with a total amount of declared investments − 39.1 billion rubles. The number of jobs created will be 881.