Anushavan Aghajanyan: "Investor’s Hour" is an important format in working with investors in Crimea

Meetings held in the format of "Investor’s Hour" are an important format for establishing communications with investors implementing their projects in the republic. First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea Anushavan Aghajanyan reported this during the "Investor’s Hour", which was held at the Crimea Development Corporation.

It was attended by the Director General of the Corporation Daniil Pidaev, as well as project managers who help investors in the implementation of projects.
"Now we are able to help investors as much as possible to solve the existing issues and find ways to solve them," Anushavan Aghajanyan said.

During the meeting, the implementation of projects in the fuel and energy sector, furniture production, construction of a shopping center, cultivation of cereals, legumes, essential oil crops and others were considered. Actual problems that concern investors were solved. In particular, issues related to connection to water and gas supply networks, registration of lease agreements and others were resolved with resource-supplying organizations promptly, with the participation of republican and local authorities.

Specific instructions were given to address all problematic issues raised by investors, including those requiring coordination in the ministries and departments of the republic, municipal authorities.

Recall that the "Investor’s Hour" is a format for working on investment projects in the Republic of Crimea, created on the initiative of the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov. Its participants: the leadership and representatives of relevant ministries, the Crimea Development Corporation, municipalities, infrastructure organizations and businesses. The format of the work is designed to strengthen partnership relations between the republic and business.