Crimea is a territory of development. Nizhnegorsky district.

Nizhnegorsky district is located in the ecologically clean zone of the Prisivash steppe in the North-Eastern part of the Republic of Crimea. The territory of the Nizhnegorsky district is located on a plain, in the steppe part of the Crimea.

Area −1212 square km.
Distance from the capital of Crimea − 95 km.
A population of 44 thousand people.
The administrative center is the village − Nizhnegorsky.

The distance to the port cities of Kerch −174 km, Feodosia − 77 km, to the airport in Simferopol − 100 km, to the highway "Tavrida" − 50 km, to the bridge over the Kerch Strait − 200 km.

The leading branch of the district's economy is agriculture. The main directions of production activities are growing of grain crops, gardening and animal husbandry.

Nizhnegorsky district is one of the five leaders in the area of growing garden crops in the Crimea.

The large enterprises:

«Pobeda» JSC – fruit crops, grain and technical crops;

State farm «Vesna» JSC – fruit crops, grapes, cereals, industrial crop;

«Yug-ris» LLC − grain and technical crops;

Peasant (farms) economy «Flora», «Yabloko» − grain and technical crops, animal husbandry.

"Nizhnegorsky canning factory" JSC − (production of fruit and vegetable juices, fruit puree, tomato paste, jams and other maintenance, the enterprise has two trademark − TM «Juices of the Crimea» and TM «Our Crimea»).

«KrymEkolife» LLC − (production of natural drinking water of the highest category TM «Nizhnegorskoe» (still and sparkling), category TM «ECOWATER» (still and sparkling).

«Nizhnyfarm» LLC − (production of medicines "Septol").

«Nizhnegorsky rayagropromsnab» JSC − (plant of dry building mixes under the trademark KRYMSKYE NEDRA).

Schatilof manor (Zvetushee, Nizhnegorskiy district).Vvedenskiy castle the second half of the XIX century. (Isobilnoe).Memorial stele to the Russian commander, Field Marshal General Peter Lassi.

Font with a chapel and bell tower includes the use of sulfurous water, which has healing properties (Zvetushee, Nizhnegorskiy district).

On the territory of the Nizhnegorsky district, there are opportunities for implementing investment projects aimed at the development of multi-industry, agriculture and agro-processing, as well as facilities in the sphere of health resorts and tourist complexes.

The district administration is ready to cooperate with large and small businesses in all directions.

- Length of municipal highways - 371.9 km.;
- Railway connection -1 railway station has three loading and unloading dead ends, 5 access roads.

The municipality has investportal and offers a number of playgrounds for your project, read more at and specialists of Crimea Development Corporation will help you.