The Corporation's specialists were trained by the National PPP Center

Specialists of the Crimea Development Corporation were trained under the program "Application of mechanisms of Public-Private Partnership, Municipal-Private Partnership for the development of public infrastructure".

The training from the National PPP Center (VEB RF) included correspondence and full-time

modules - a total of 16 academic hours, where they analyzed the most interesting cases of PPP projects, talked about the possibilities of using concession mechanisms to create infrastructure and develop the urban environment.

As part of the training, special attention was paid to the legal aspects of the implementation of

such projects. According to the results of the educational program, the participants received certificates of advanced training. The Republic of Crimea is gradually developing Public-Private Partnership, improving, first of all, the regulatory framework. For this purpose, the Concept of PPP Development until 2025 was approved, since 2019, a PPP Project Office has been constantly operating on the basis of the Corporation, where you can apply for advice and other assistance.

To date, the PPP Development Plan in the Republic of Crimea for 2020-2021 is being implemented. Since 2015, Crimea has risen to the 21st position in the Rating of the subjects of the Russian Federation in terms of the level of development of the sphere of Public-Private Partnership.