The investor company has been increased the production of concrete products more than twice in Simferopol region

The "Active Group" company has been increased the production of paving slabs, curb stones and other concrete products more than twice compared to the same period of last year. The Chief Technology Officer Alexey Barmin informed about that.

"The overall production has been increased more than twice, due to the launch of two lines for the production of paving slabs and curbstones", the Chief Technology Officer reported.

According to him, the automated lines were installed at the enterprise and are able to produce about 3 thousand square meters of paving slabs and up to 10 km of curbstones per day. All raw materials are used locally, except stone chips and cement.

"Every year we introduce a new assortment group, slab form, exploring a market and keeping consumer preferences with fashion. So, this year we introduce two new forms of paving slabs with a tight fit "Promenade - 1" and "Promenade - 2" which meet the requirements of a comfortable urban environment. It is convenient for people with limited mobility to move along it, ride scooters and bikes", the Chief Technology Officer noted.

According the enterprise’s own estimates it takes about 60% of the production of paving slabs and curbstones in the Republic of Crimea. 109 jobs have been created at the enterprise.
An investor fulfilled either his social obligations to repair two urban schools in Simferopol region.
The company has its own certified laboratory for testing products for strength and wear and other parameters.

The plant is started to produce its products at the end of 2018. Deliveries are carried out all over the Crimea.

The "Crimea Development Corporation" is supported the investment project.


JSC "Crimea Development Corporation" has been established on the initiative of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea in 2015. The Corporation is defined as specialized organization for the attracting of investment and working on the "One-spot shop" concept.
We are engaging in the selection of investment sites, finding investors and promoting of investment potential of the republic, complex accompaniment of investors, providing consulting services.

As of 1st of October 2021 the Corporation provides support for 219 investment projects. The planned total investment volume is RUB 193,5 billion.

35 investment projects were signed in January and September. The total amount of investment is RUB 45,5 billion. The total amount of tax revenues is RUB 32,7 billion.