A large wholesale and distribution center will be built in Crimea for RUB 6.2 billion

A large wholesale distribution center (ERC) will be built in Simferopol region of the Republic of Crimea. The Crimean investor intends to implement the corresponding investment project in the amount of RUB 6.2 billion.

The agreement on cooperation in the implementation of the investment project on the territory of the Republic of Crimea "Construction of a wholesale distribution center on the territory of Chistenskoye rural settlement of Simferopol region" between the Joint-Stock Company "Crimea Development Corporation" and the Limited Liability Company "PUD" was signed by the CEO of the Corporation Dmitry Vorona and the Director of LLC "PUD" Artem Spivakov.

"The goal of the project is to stabilize food prices on the territory of the Republic of Crimea. This is done on behalf of the President in order to resolve the situation on the food market in the territory of the Republic of Crimea. We expect that the participation of a major player will help to stabilize, at least during the holiday season, food prices", said the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov, in whose presence the presentation of the project and the signing of the agreement took place.

He recalled that in January 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Russian government to help find an investor with the possibility of organizing a wholesale distribution center in Crimea in order to stabilize food prices.

The CEO of the Corporation Dmitry Vorona, in turn, called the signing of the agreement key for Crimea. "The logistics problem and the problem of building wholesale distribution centers in the Crimea and the entry of large retail chains are among the priorities in the work of the government, and we certainly welcome private investment in this area that come to the republic," he said.

The CEO also called the attraction of investment in the manufacturing sector, light industry, agro-industrial complex, housing construction important and priority tasks for the Corporation. "Our task is to make sure that investment are comprehensive, so that we develop territories comprehensively. We will welcome a major investor who is ready to expand his opportunities, horizons and make whole clusters modern and comfortable, both housing and

recreation, commercial and industrial capacities," D. Voronova believes.

A. Spivakov said that the PRS is intended for storage of consumer goods, food and their configuration for further delivery to retail chains.

"By implementing the project, we will get a multidisciplinary sales center of a new format, a single market platform for wholesale suppliers and consumers of food products of the Republic of Crimea," he said.

The agreement provides for the construction of a wholesale distribution center on an area of 25 hectares within two years. The PRS building is more than 50 thousand sq.m. The maximum cargo turnover is about 75 thousand cubic meters per day.

As a result of the project, it is planned to create 1.2 thousand jobs. Completion of construction is expected in July 2023.

Photo: "Krym 24" TV Channel