Crimea to fulfil the President's tasks of investing RUB 800 billion by 2025

Dmitriy Vorona, the CEO of the Crimea Development Corporation, is confident that the task set by the President of Russia to attract RUB 800 billion of private investment to the Republic of Crimea by 2025 will be fulfilled.

"I have two rules in my life that I follow. First, the orders are peremptory. The second is that you never know what you can do till you try. The task of attracting RUB 800 billion of private investment to the republic will be fulfilled. I'm sure of it. The mechanism has been created and there is a great investment potential. Investors have an interest, and we have all the factors to fulfil the task," Dmitriy Vorona said on the air of the "Krym 24" TV channel.

He noted that the Corporation is accompanied by about 220 projects, in total amount more than RUB 200 billion.

According to him, today, about 30% of investors are already implementing repeated investment projects on the territory of Crimea. "This suggests that it is a good place to earn money here," Dmitriy Vorona stressed.

Earlier, in March 2021, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, set the task of attracting RUB 1 trillion of private investment in the economy of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol (RUB 800 billion to the republic, RUB 200 billion to Sevastopol).