It's time to count sheep: in the Crimea, the investor will be engaged in breeding

In Saki district, the investor of Peasant Farm Economy "Yegorov" is implementing a project in the field of animal husbandry. Now, the entrepreneur has purchased 109 of quigai sheep. It has long been grown in the Crimea.
This breed is very particular and adapted to the climatic conditions of the peninsula.

According to the investor, the project involves the selection of quigai sheep and more. It will be planned to sell the young livestock. The investor plans to organize a feed base to grow cereals, alfalfa and harvest hay.

The investor clarified that it is not bargain to deal with wool in the Crimea, since there are no processing factories, and local entrepreneurs buy 15 rubles per kilogram.

The project is supported by Crimea Development Corporation, under the leadership of the Ministry of Economic development of the Republic of Crimea. The investment amount is 21 million rubles. Today the investor has invested about 3 million rubles.

According to the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Crimea, there are about 190 thousand heads of sheep and goats in the region.