The 7th Infrastructure Congress "Russian PPP Week" is being held in Moscow

The 7th Infrastructure Congress "Russian PPP Week" is being held in Moscow. This is the largest event dedicated to attracting investment in infrastructure development. The event is attended by the CEO of the Crimea Development Corporation, Dmitriy Vorona, as well as specialists of the Corporation.

The main issues of the Congress dedicated to urban development and the implementation of PPP projects in the social sphere – healthcare, education, tourism and sports. The development of transport infrastructure, implementation of projects in the sphere of energy, Housing and Public Utilities and ecology are also on the agenda.

The Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea – Minister of Finance of the Republic of Crimea, Irina Kiviko, pointed out that the development of Public Private Partnership is a priority for Crimea.

“Currently, two concession agreements have been concluded in the region regarding photo and video recording systems for traffic violations. There is also a quasi-PPP project is being implemented on the territory of the republic. Quasi-PPP project is an investment agreement to create an automated fare payment system on regular transportation routes in the region. Projects in the field of Housing and Public Utilities and construction are in the works. In addition, the Concept of PPP Development until 2025 has been approved, and the PPP Development Plan in the Republic of Crimea for 2020 - 2021 is being implemented. Such a mechanism of interaction with the state will allow businesses to get a stable income and return on investment by participating in the management of the created infrastructure”" Irina Kiviko said.

The Congress will end its work on October 1, its organizers are the Group “VEB.RF" represented by the National Center for PPP and the “Roscongress” Foundation.

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