Within the framework of working visit the CEO of the "Crimea Development Corporation" Dmitriy Vorona visited full-scale manufacturing facility of the "FOXBUS" company

The "FOXBUS" company is certified developer and a full-scale manufacturing facility in production of the medium-class buses based on the IVECO car frame (Italy).

Today, the enterprise produces about 40 buses per month in manual assembly mode. 17 variants of compliments in the modifications of "tourist", "cabriolet", "pre-urban area" and "city" with a capacity of 32 and 42 seating positions.  For example, the "FOXBUS cabriolet" can be maintained as with the car roof and without it. It is given the ability to get down the whole window cover and use soft windows. Design engineering department projects a bus under every customer. Manufactures use composite materials, which allows to exponentially increase the service life of the car body. After the assembly, a bus takes out to the supplemental inspection and the preparation to the authorized dealer IVECO. Due to this step all buses will be served under the guaranty of the authorized dealer IVECO and service centers of Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.

The main preferences of the "FOXBUS" are its increased cost-effectiveness and pay-back period. Focusing on the available capacities and human resources, the company expanded its range and organized the production of insulated block houses based on metal frames and sandwich panels of various designs.

The main reasons in favor of launching a new product were its universality and portability. The metal frame houses are widely used, this is a "cabin" for builders, check point, temporary office, shop, etc. The main thing is that you can quickly and at a low price transport it to another place if necessary. The pandemic has contributed to the work of the complex. Today the production of anti COVID equipment has been launched on the territory of the complex. These are special antibacterial frames equipped with identification system. When passing through the frame, the disinfection is sprayed out for 3-10 seconds. A two-colour indicator light is used to control the disinfection time.

During the meeting with the company’s management, they discussed production capacities, product range, as well as possible variants of cooperation.